Hammering The Cramps (1995)
Directed by Scott Minor and Mark Linkous
Produced by Scott Minor

Someday I Will Treat You Good (1996)
Original Video
Directed by Scott Minor and Mark Linkous
Produced by Scott Minor

Someday I Will Treat You Good (1996)
Official Video
Directed by Scott Minor and Mark Linkous
Produced by Scott Minor
Edited by Capital Records

Rainmaker (1996)
Directed by Mark Linkous
Produced by Scott Minor

Good Morning Spider: The Film (1998)
Box Of Stars (Part One)
Sick Of Goodbyes*
Saint Mary
Directed by Sophie Muller
Released on:
Good Morning Spider US CD
Good Morning Spider Benelux Bonus VHS
*Essential Music US Promo VHS Compilation

Sparklehorse (1999)
Chaos Of The Galaxy/Happy Man [Video Remix]
Good Morning Spider
Hundreds Of Sparrows [Video Remix]
Directed by Garine Torossian

Happy Man (Memphis Version) (1999)
Directed by Garine Torossian

It’s A Wonderful Life (2001)
Directed by Guy Madden

Gold Day (2001)
Directed by Danny Clinch
Includes additional sound…

Piano Fire [Video Remix] (2001)
Directed by Rodney Ascher
Released on:
This Is The Modern World US Promo VHS Compilation

Sea Of Teeth (2001)
Directed by Jonathan Donahue

Apple Bed (2001)
Directed by Claire Stansfield

King Of Nails (2001)
Directed by Keeley Gould

Eyepennies (2001)
Directed by Jon Saddlier

Dog Door/Heloise (2001)
Directed by Brothers Quay

More Yellow Birds (2001)
Directed by Jason Lytle
Includes additional sound…

Little Fat Baby (2001)
Directed by Michele Civetta

Devil’s New (2001)
Directed by Grant Gee
Includes additional sound…

Comfort Me (2001)
Directed by Pete Ortel

Babies On The Sun (2001)
Directed by Garine Torossian

Morning Hollow (2001)
Directed by Braden King
Includes additional sound…

Maxine [Video Remix] (2001)
Directed by Scott Minor

Nice Evening (Transmission Down) (2001)
Transmission Down/Maxine
Directed by Jem Cohen
Transmission Down performed by Mark Linkous
Insect noises by Scott Minor

European Tour Videos (2007)
It’s A Wonderful Life
Heart Of Darkness
Sad And Beautiful World
Weird Sisters
Sea Of Teeth
Homecoming Queen
Gasoline Horseys
Getting It Wrong
Hundreds Of Sparrows
Spirit Ditch
Saint Mary
Babies On The Sun
Created by Christina Vantzou


Pleasure (1985)
Directed by John and Karen Bentham
Released on:
The Jettisoundz Promo Years DVD Compilation

Baby’s Got Rockets (1988)
Directed by Carlos Grasso


The Dirt Bike Wreck (1995)
Directed by Scott Minor
Pictures: Scott Minor and Stephen Lyons
Sound: Sparklehorse
Dialogue written by Dave Ayers
Dialogue spoken by Valerie O’brien and Laetitia Sadier
Released on:
Painbirds/Maria’s Little Elbows UK CD Single

North Carolina (2006)
Directed by Scott Minor
Starring Mark Linkous
Camera: Dominic Giordano
Editor: Dario Gildrie
Writer: Dave Ayers
Narrator: Jeff Sallas
Released on:
North Carolina Digital Download


Lola Da Musica: Sparklehorse (1998)
Eindredactie: David Kleijwegt
Redactie: Lotje IJzermans
Productie: Bo Gerding
Cormac McCarthy’s Suttree read by Teresa Linkous
Saturday, Waiting For Nothing, Saint Mary and Hey Joe filmed at Static King
Pig, Spirit Ditch and Homecoming Queen filmed live
at Alley Katz, Richmond, USA on the 17th July 1998
Band lineup: Mark Linkous, Scott Minor, Jonathan Segel, Scott Fitzsimmons
First broadcast on the 8th October 1998 on Nederland 3 (The Netherlands)
Released on:
Lola For Sale Dutch VHS

Sonic Cinema: Sparklehorse (2001)
Produced by Jenna Rosher
Presented by Rob Sheffield
Includes live footage filmed at Fez Under Time Cafe,
New York, USA on the 18th/19th June 2001
Band lineup: Mark Linkous, Scott Minor, Alan Weatherhead,
Margaret White, Kendall Meade
First broadcast on the 26th October 2001 on the Sundance Channel (USA)

The Culture Show: Sparklehorse On William Blake (2006)
Presented by Verity Sharp
Includes performance of London and reading of A Poison Tree
Band lineup: Mark Linkous, Johnny Hott, Paula Jean Brown, Chris Michaels
Filmed on the 27th October 2006
First broadcast on the 25th November 2006 on BBC Two (UK)

Sparklehorse: Belly Of A Mountain (2007)
Directed by Alex Crowton
Produced by Balwant Dass and Alex Crowton
Edited by Balwant Dass
Sea Of Teeth, Saturday, Heart Of Darkness, It’s A Wonderful Life, Babies On The Sun
and Painbirds filmed live at Acadamy 2, Birmingham, England on the 4th June 2007
Band lineup: Mark Linkous, Christina Vantzou, Adam Wiltzie


Blood Orange Sky (1999)
Directed by Jem Cohen
Original soundtrack music by Mark Linkous
Recorded at Static King
Mixed by Mark Linkous and Jem Cohen

Shivaree: A Walking Tour (2000)
Directed by Scott Minor and Mark Linkous
Produced by Scott Minor
Filmed by Scott Minor

A Camp: Camplife (Part 1) (2001)
Directed and edited by Jens Jansson
Filmed at Bearsville Studios, Woodstock, USA
Released on:
A Camp: A Camp UK CD
A Camp: A Camp Japanese CD

Laurel Canyon (2002)
Written and directed by Lisa Cholodenko
Cameo by Mark Linkous performing Chateau Ramble
Also includes performances of Shade And Honey and
Someday I Will Treat You Good by film’s fictional band
Released on:
Laurel Canyon DVD / VHS

Meditation Creativity Peace (2012)
Featuring David Lynch
Soundtrack includes Last Song written and performed by Mark Linkous
Released on:
Meditation Creativity Peace DVD

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