Was Johnny Hott a permanent band member for all of ’95 and up to a certain point in ’96 (August euro tour?) or is it more complicated than this?

Did the touring lineup Mark/Sophie/Scott Minor/Scott Fitzsimmons as credited with the live @ Fleece & Firkin recording of Gasoline Horseys on Distorted Ghost/Sick Of Goodbyes actually exist or is it a mistake? The only Fleece & Firkin gig I’m aware of which would fit date wise is 13.11.1997 and I was of the understanding that Andrew Hall (not Scott) played bass on that ’97 euro tour?


ANNA LEE-> Female backing vocals or just Mark?!

GASOLINE HORSEYS (LIVE @ Fleece & Firkin) -> Andrew Hall on bass NOT Scott Fitzsimmons as credited?

GOOD MORNING SPIDER (BBC Radio 1 Evening Session) -> Who is playing what?

HAPPY PIG/GOOD MORNING SPIDER (BBC Radio 1 Evening Session) -> Linear notes state the session was first  transmitted 3rd-6th July 1998. However I believe the band would not have been in the UK until after the 17th (date of Richmond gig before travelling over) so I assume these dates are wrong?

HAPPY PLACE -> Should David Lowery receive a co-writing credit? He receives a songwriting credit on Susanna Hoff’s “unreleased” 1994 album but not on any SH release of the track…

SOPHIE MITCHALITSIANOS -> On GMS Sophie is credited as singing and/or playing cello on: Painbirds, Saint Mary, Good Morning Spider, Box Of Stars, Sunshine, Come On In, Hundreds Of Sparrows & Junebug. I believe I can hear Cello on all of these (with the possible exception of Junebug)? The only song I can definitely hear a female vocal on is Junebug? Possibly Sunshine too but if it’s there it’s buried very deep in the mix?

A CAMP: THE WEED HAD GOT THERE FIRST -> Whose playing what on this track?

AZURE RAY: SILVERLAKE -> Who is the uncredited piano player?

CRACKER: EYES OF MARY -> Recorded at Static King AND Sound Of Music? Should Mark receive the drum machine credit? (Drums credited to Al Esis!)


What are the correct directing/producing credits for the Hammering The Cramps video? I have assumed they are the same as Someday…

There are two different videos for Someday. The original was created by Mark/Scott but I understand neither they nor the label were happy with it so they gave all their footage to Capital who edited it together into the video we see. But was the original video ever used in any official promotional capacity? (I have the original video on a plain labeled VHS but do not know its source…)

Who is behind the “remixed” versions of Happy Man and Hundreds Of Sparrows which appear in Garine Torossian’s 1999 short film “Sparklehorse”? Is that Garine or maybe Theresa reciting the lyrics to Hundreds Of Sparrows?

Scott Minor directed a video for a remixed version of Maxine but who remixed the track?

At which show (18th or 19th June 2001) was the live “Fez Under Time Cafe” footage included in “Sonic Cinema: Sparklehorse” filmed?


ANNA LEE -> “Be my summer girl” -> correct? + does line actually vary through song?

ALMOST LOST MY MIND -> “Sweaty big Ford can”?

CAROLINE -> “And all my food was tears / And so with us for years”?

DARK AS A DUNGEON -> “Like a ???? with his ?????, a drunkard with his wine”

GHOST IN THE SKY -> “You LAY in the morning fires” or LAME?

IF MY HEART -> full lyric!

MARIGOLD -> “And baby WILL one day” or WE’LL or WELL?


PIG -> “Why don’t you sing me that pretty lullaby / The one you sang me way back in the lab”?

RETURN TO ME -> “Return over valleys / I’m here”? + other uncertainties [Note: lyrics much clearer on some live recordings but differ from studio cut!]

SICK OF GOODBYES -> “No one sees YOU on a vampire planet” or YOU’RE?

TRANSMISSION DOWN -> Lyrics correct?

WEIRD SISTERS -> “A big wind spitting female / Rain and teeth”?


A LOOSE CONFED: HOW CAN I FACE TOMORROW -> “Not two more layers”?

FSK: DIE ENGLISCHEN FRAULEIN -> German lyrics need transcribing!

FSK: FRAULEIN -> German part needs transcribing!

MARY TIMONY: DRYAD AND THE MULE “On a bar stool checking out my crimes / Like are you cruel”?

SPIKE THE DOG: CROCODILES -> “Turning tides / The heart is part of steel”? and “Oh I’m waiting for the year to end”?

SPIKE THE DOG: MAD ALL OVER -> “Keep your spoons”?



Missing dates…especially: ’95 US Son Volt tour, ’96 US Cracker tour, local gigs!!!

09.11.1995 Noorderlight, Tilburg, Holland [Opening for Radiohead] -> SOME Radiohead gigographies list SH as opening this one. However, seems slightly odd that SH would open this single euro show – the previous dates were all in the UK…

04.05.1996 Music Midtown, Atlanta, GA, USA -> SH definitely appear? Date correct? (Festival ran from 3rd-5th). According to a radio interview, the tour with Cracker was meant to start in Atlanta on the 4th….

27.09.1996 40 Watt Club, Athens, GA, USA [“Sweet Relief II Benefit” with Vic Chesnutt, Liz Durrett, Kevin Kinney, Mike Mantione, Star Room Boys and Vaudeville] -> Did David Lowery also perform?

15.12.1996 Cow Palace, San Francisco, CA, USA
[“Live 105 Green Xmas Ball” with Mazzy Star, Allen Ginsburg, Evan Dando and others] -> Did SH definitely appear?

28.12.1996 Boathouse, Norfolk, VA, USA -> Did SH open this Cracker show or was it another Cracker show at the same venue earlier in the year?

01.08.1998 Mitchell Theatre, Glasgow, Scotland [With Six By Seven and The Delgados]
-> Did SH actually play this show? Week after last date of UK tour…

29.01.1999 Big Day Out, Adelaide Showgrounds, Adelaide, Australia
31.01.1999 Big Day Out, Bassendean Oval, Perth, Australia
-> Did SH definitely NOT play these Big Day Out dates?

##.##.2001 XFM, London, England?
##.##.2001 BBC London Live, London, England?
##.06.2001 Session In Scotland, BBC Radio 1, Scotland?

02.05.2003 WXRT, Chicago, IL, USA -> Actually happen?

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  2. 28.12.1996 Boathouse, Norfolk, VA, USA -> Did SH open this Cracker show or was it another Cracker show at the same venue earlier in the year?

    A: Sparklehorse opened for Cracker at the Boathouse May 31, 1996.
    Spike The Dog (led by Mark Linkous’ brother Matt) opened for Cracker at the Boathouse December 28, 1996. I was fortunate to have been at both shows.

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