Turning The Lights Back On…

Hey Everyone,

It’s been a long time since we’ve updated our site. Unfortunate, because there’s been no word of any further music or Sparklehorse releases. We’ve sought answers and we get a stone wall. So in the meantime all we can do is remain here and try to make sure Mark still has a place on the web for the fans who loved him and who still value his tremendous gifts, his contribution to music, his enormous influence, his kind soul and his gentle spirit.

As we don’t want to keep running the same video clips and songs you’ve seen and heard a hundred times, we’ve launched a playlist series on Spotify (the most commonly used platform and why we chose it) to mix in tracks from Sparklehorse, Dancing Hoods, DNOTS and other Mark-related projects with artists that Mark admired, collaborated with or did similar music stylistically. If you care to give a listen, our playlists are available here. We have a regular weekly series and will have some “special editions” as well, such as the one we just posted for Halloween. Please check us out. We aren’t the youngest or the hippest, but we think we’ve got pretty good ears. Hope you enjoy….

Sparkle-On-Org Radio

1 thought on “Turning The Lights Back On…

  1. I hope you guys maintaining spaarkleon.org know how much this site means to some of us Sparklehorse fans. I frequently come here, just to connect to Mark’s music and this world he created. Other than the actual records, sparkleon.org is the best place to do this. I especially love the article section. I hope one day there will be new releases of some sort, yet I won’t be frustrated if not. I am very greatful for what is there already, songs that
    have meant so much to me for over twenty years.
    Thank you for what you do to open up the Sparklehorse universe, there’s just an endless treasure trove of material here on sparkleon.org.

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