the horse and the crow…

Today we have something very special indeed: A good friend of ours has shared a story written by Mark and given to her for all of you to enjoy here. It has been transcribed verbatim, and we are also including photographs of the original copy below. Hope you all enjoy and have a happy holiday season…

Once there was a horse and a crow
And they were best friends
Eary one morning in a field
They talking together
The horse asked the crow
‘If you had a wish, what would it be?’
The crow replied from the fence post
‘It would be to run upon the earth,
And feel the ground beneath me’
‘Thats easy’ said the horse
‘Jump on me and hold on tight!’
So the crow jumped on the horses back,
Holding on to his maine with his claws,
They raced through the fields
Through the low morning ground fog and
Over the frozen earth
The crow smelt the horses sweat
And was very happy They both breathed very hard
They rested by the fence and the crow asked
‘Do you have a secret wish horse?’
The horse thought awhile and replied
‘To fly through the air and taste clouds’
The crow pondered this for a bit and flew away
And after awhile the horse started to get sad
because he thought the crow had forgotten him
His body felt very heavy to him
Just then the horse
heard the crow cawing to him from a great distance
Then he saw his friend the crow way far off
And he had gathered hundreds of birds
They all landed on the horses back and
The crow said to the horse ‘Run! Run!’
All the birds cried out and flapped their wings
with a great commotion
The horse ran and ran until
They rose from the ground
They flew from the sky amongst the clouds
The horses field seemed very small
The horse laughed and laughed
he was so happy he could hardly breathe


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