We’ve recently added a very comprehensive gigography to our Live section detailing over four hundred and fifty live Sparklehorse appearances…

Please let us know if you have any additions or corrections!

We are definitely missing quite a few 95-96 US dates including some from the ’95 tour with Son Volt and the ’96 tour with Cracker…

3 thoughts on “Gigography

  1. Somewhere I have a pass from the Boathouse, Norfolk VA show with Cracker. If I can find it, I’ll send you the date. He also did an in-store at Plan 9 in support of GMS. Just Mark. I don’t recall the date for that.

    • Thanks for those!

      I’ve dug up a date for the Plan 9 in-store (23.04.1999) from one of your old painbirds posts 😉

      Look’s like there was a Cracker show at the Boathouse on Sat 28th December 1996? Doesn’t fit in with the May tour but as a local gig perhaps it wouldn’t need to?

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