We’ve recently added a very comprehensive gigography to our Live section detailing over four hundred and fifty live Sparklehorse appearances…

Please let us know if you have any additions or corrections!

We are definitely missing quite a few 95-96 US dates including some from the ’95 tour with Son Volt and the ’96 tour with Cracker…

Digital Relic…

Here we have a small digital relic recovered from an old version of the official website circa 2001. The words, surely Mark’s…

“Here is the jewelry was lost in the sand
Long player is dripping in the smokehouse
Check for typhoid
More burning of roses
People lent me their inside
For you and your little yellow birds
Dragged by chains up a mountain high
Some flew, some died
Hypnotized myself in a stream
For your gentle smiles and pointy teeth
May your winter shade be sweet and float on the lakes”


the envelope, please…

(or “souvenirs I saved, part 2…”)

It’s funny how with the passage of time, we can lose track of some of even the most beloved and cherished possessions and mementos that we acquire over the years. Today, while browsing another Sparklehorse fan site, my memory was stirred about a promotional Sparklehorse item I acquired years ago. And I then realized I had absolutely no idea where it was.

I have a lot of stuff here, and a small house. I am not a hoarder but I have a lot of stuff stashed in storage bins in a tiny attic. So I proceed up the stairs and started going through the bins. And of course, it was in the last one left. But it was there. Hallelujah!

The item in question is a promotional packet that was assembled for theatrical screenings of the short films that were made to accompany It’s A Wonderful LifeYes, these actually happened. Although I believe it was limited to perhaps two or three screenings. The package consists of a black envelope sealed with Sparklehorse IAWL sticker, which contains a copy of the CD, 5 photos of Mark, and a promotional flyer about the album.

So I have fired up the camera and the scanner to share some more rare memorabilia of Mark.  Enjoy…