Turning The Lights Back On…

Hey Everyone,

It’s been a long time since we’ve updated our site. Unfortunate, because there’s been no word of any further music or Sparklehorse releases. We’ve sought answers and we get a stone wall. So in the meantime all we can do is remain here and try to make sure Mark still has a place on the web for the fans who loved him and who still value his tremendous gifts, his contribution to music, his enormous influence, his kind soul and his gentle spirit.

As we don’t want to keep running the same video clips and songs you’ve seen and heard a hundred times, we’ve launched a playlist series on Spotify (the most commonly used platform and why we chose it) to mix in tracks from Sparklehorse, Dancing Hoods, DNOTS and other Mark-related projects with artists that Mark admired, collaborated with or did similar music stylistically. If you care to give a listen, our playlists are available here. We have a regular weekly series and will have some “special editions” as well, such as the one we just posted for Halloween. Please check us out. We aren’t the youngest or the hippest, but we think we’ve got pretty good ears. Hope you enjoy….

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Official Mark Linkous Website and Tumblr now Online

Hey Everyone,

It’s been way too long since we’ve posted and we’ve got some catching up to do, as 2016 is shaping up to be a good year for fans of Sparklehorse, with a variety of new things related to Mark showing up.

First and foremost, we would like to announce that thanks to the efforts of Mark’s brother Matt and sister-in-law Melissa, a new offical website for Mark is now online. Check it out at www.marklinkous.com

In conjunction with the new official site, a new Sparklehorse Tumblr site has also been established where fans may contribute artwork, music and other media inspired by, in tribute to, and in memory of Mark. Visit sparklehorseofficial.tumblr.com and join in.



Tonight’s featured video is a great recent live performance of Someday I Will Treat You Good by Rob Williams and his band:

Rob used to front Richmond based Joe Buck Jr who covered the song back in 1996 on their debut album Used To Be Somebody…

“The cover was added at the last minute as Mark Linkous fell ill while on tour in Europe. The plan was for local bands to record versions of his songs to send to him in the hospital to let him know we were thinking of him. I don’t know if the tape was ever made for Mark, but we added our cover to the CD.”

In fact this would be the very first time an artist would release a Sparklehorse cover!

(I’m not counting Cracker’s Sick Of Goodbyes or Susanna Hoff’s Happy Place as both predate Mark’s own versions…)

Of course countless more covers have followed over the years…we have attempted to document all those to receive an official release in our Covers section…

Rob Williams’ latest solo album A Place In The Sun was released earlier in the year. Engineered and produced by John Morand at Sound Of Music; the record also features contributions from two more Sparklehorse alumni: Alan Weatherhead and Miguel Rodriguez-Urbiztondo…

Rob Williams

Wild Chorus

Back in February Anders Parker and Kendall Meade (aka Anders & Kendall) released their debut album as a duo “Wild Chorus” on Nine Mile Records:

Anders & Kendall

Among other musical endeavors Kendall toured extensively with Mark in 2001 as a member of the It’s A Wonderful Life era live Sparklehorse lineup.

Anders is probably best known as the main force behind Varnaline, a band that it just so happens opened twenty three shows for Sparklehorse on their Spring ’99 tour of North America…

If that’s not enough to pique your interest the album was engineered and mixed by Mark’s long time drummer and collaborator Scott Minor at Wild Chorus, Scott’s recently opened Knoxville studio after which the album is named…

Danny & The Nightmares

Daniel Johnston’s latest album Death Of Satan was released earlier this month on the Spanish label Munster Records:

Death Of Satan

Recorded five years ago with Waller friends Jason and Bridget, this is Daniel’s third full-length release as Danny And The Nightmares. Sadly, it will also be the last. Jason, who also produced the album, passed away in 2011 following a sudden illness aged just 36.

Back in 2007 the band contributed a wonderful cover of Most Beautiful Widow In Town to the Sparklehorse tribute album That Horse Yonder. The album which was curated and released by the mysterious Slight Records is long out of print but we are pleased to share Danny’s contribution here for a limited time only…

Danny & The Nightmares – Most Beautiful Widow:

Danny & The Nightmares – Most Beautiful Widow

Here’s a few words from Jason about the track:

“Recorded the song with Danny last night. I think you guys will like it. Danny really delivered a nice vocal track to our surprise. So far it’s vocals, the acoustic guitar, a farfisa organ, and bells. We’re gonna see if the quartet will do some string stuff on it this weekend. We thought it would be funny to take a sparse original and do a lavish cover version. Sort of like what SH do with Danny’s stuff.”

It would also be with The Nightmares that Daniel would share a live stage with Mark for the very first time when the band opened for Sparklehorse in Houston in September 2006.

The Proletariat, Houston, 2006

Watch out for a series of Golden Crows posts coming soon exploring the connections between these two great artists and sharing a few rarities along the way…