And The Winner Is…

Congratulations to facebooker Cuezaireekaa Aakeeriazeuc who came the closest in our guess the date competition to bag a set of promotional Sparklehorse pin badges!

The owls have told us that the photo of Mark was most likely taken in December 1996 while supporting Mazzy Star on tour in the US. Of course, if a more reliable source knows differently, please let us know and we’ll dig out another prize…

little girl does “little girl”…

Well folks, there’s been a bit of a pall hanging over our site with some rather unpleasant matters of late, so it’s time for a little sunshine. Daniel posted this on our Facebook page but I also thought it worthy of being posted here. Young YouTuber Freyja Sofran rocks a cover of Little Girl from Dark Night of the Soul. Cheers…


Back in December I posted details of a book titled Eyepennies by Mike O’Driscoll…

After reading the book I removed the post.

I would strongly urge Mark’s fans not buy/support this book.

The following words belong to Mark’s mother:

“I was drawn to the book because of the cover by Rik Rawling. The author states that it is loosely based on Mark’s life but it was painful to read as it is not how Mark was in his private life but more how someone who did not know him personally gathered up bits of information from interviews & turned the life of a beautiful soul into someone that the author decided would best sell his book. I support anything that draws attention & will help those suffering with depression….but I do not endorse this book.”

Digital Relic…

Here we have a small digital relic recovered from an old version of the official website circa 2001. The words, surely Mark’s…

“Here is the jewelry was lost in the sand
Long player is dripping in the smokehouse
Check for typhoid
More burning of roses
People lent me their inside
For you and your little yellow birds
Dragged by chains up a mountain high
Some flew, some died
Hypnotized myself in a stream
For your gentle smiles and pointy teeth
May your winter shade be sweet and float on the lakes”