Distorted Haint

Written by Mark Linkous

I want to be a shiny new baby with a spongy brain
Bloody lake angels who’s humid smoke haunt the dawn woods
All hot and stormy bird blood
All hot and stormy bird’s blood
Fangs spanning yellow against the earth coal devils
He walked out of the kerosene river and lit his pipe by the slaughterhouse
From its chimney he breathed all creatures last panic
And he walked and walked through the countryside and highways
Dripping black tar and fiery footprints
My hands look like my daddy’s hands
My hands look like my daddy’s
The swans of sugary sleep
A good place to rest
Forgotten houses with their powdery walls and their spooks
It’s a hard world for little things
Blind and salty choir
It’s fried up mine eyes

Poem printed on Good Morning Spider CD artwork…