Mad All Over

Written by Matt Linkous and Joshua Camp

Keep your spoons
And I crack the earth
And I lick my wound
But I came out worse
So I stomp my hooves
And I flap my wings
And I tighten my noose
And I cut my strings
Mad all over
Mad all over
And I shot the moon
And I broke the sun
And I lost my tune
When I swallowed my tongue
Mad all over
Mad all over
Stole my blood
From a vampire
Polished my gun
‘Til it misfired
Mad all over
Mad all over
Mad all over
Mad all over

Matt Linkous: Voice, guitars
Joshua Camp: Accordian, piano, voice
Melissa Moore: Violin
Greg Weatherford: Drums
Scott Fitzsimmons: Bass

Recorded by Mark Linkous at Static King

Spike The Dog: Rain On Me US 7″ Single