Dryad And The Mule

Written by Mary Timony

I want you, can’t you see how I play dead?
Forty wings on the back of my head
Stars red and blue
Can I get with you?
I’m gonna find you in a place I can talk to you
On a bar stool checking out my crimes
Like are you cruel?
Am I a mule?
Four little lizards sitting on my knee
Dropped down from the poisonous tree
And if they bite me
Who says it won’t be sweet?
Melody and the wounded bee
Got lost, we could not make them see
And if I hurt myself
Will it hurt anyone else?
Baby what made you so bold?
You grow on a tree two thousand years old
‘Neath the field of stars
Jupiter and Mars
Come visit me anytime you want
In a dead tree is where I haunt
And you will meet my ghoul
The dryad and the mule

Mary Timony: Voice, guitar, piano, keyboards, synths
Mary Timony: Akai sampler instruments, bass, viola
Christina Files: Drums, percussion
Jeff Goddard: Bass, trumpet
Amy Domingues: Cello
Miguel Rodriguez-Urbiztondo: Percussion, drums
Pete Fitzpatrick: Euphonium
Alan Weatherhead: Akai sampler instruments, guitar, pedal steel
Andy Abrahamson: Tama drum brain
Mark Linkous: Synths, optigon

Produced by Alan Weatherhead and Mary Timony with Mark Linkous
Recorded at Sound Of Music
Engineered by Alan Weatherhead
Mixed by Alan Weatherhead at Sound Of Music

Mary Timony: The Golden Dove

Note: Credits refer to album not song…