Blood Tree

Written by Mary Timony

Deep on the banks of the blood tree
You strangle me so delicately
So delicately
You strangle me
‘Neath the boughs in the dim light
The moon comes out and we start to fight
The moon shines so bright
Will we ever get through this life?
I don’t care about you
And whatever it is that you do
Doing drugs, popping pills
Shouting out your window at girls
You showed me pictures of your ex girlfriend
On the beach without her shirt on
And it made me sick
And I didn’t tell you it did
Hey baby with the wounded knee
You got caught up in cripple creek
Hanging out with the Jesus freaks
Let me show you what it means to me
Jump back, put it down
Shake your leg and turn around
Shake to that sound
Shake to that sound
I don’t care about you
And whatever you want me to do
Wipe your nose, take out the trash
Give and give and never ask
Go away, leave me alone
Go chew on your dog’s bone
The only boy I ever loved
Turned into a golden dove
And moved to California

Mary Timony: Voice, guitar, piano, keyboards, synths
Mary Timony: Akai sampler instruments, bass, viola
Christina Files: Drums, percussion
Jeff Goddard: Bass, trumpet
Amy Domingues: Cello
Miguel Rodriguez-Urbiztondo: Percussion, drums
Pete Fitzpatrick: Euphonium
Alan Weatherhead: Akai sampler instruments, guitar, pedal steel
Andy Abrahamson: Tama drum brain
Mark Linkous: Synths, optigon

Produced by Alan Weatherhead and Mary Timony with Mark Linkous
Recorded at Q-Division and Sound Of Music
Engineered by Bruce MacFarlane and Alan Weatherhead
Mixed by Alan Weatherhead at Sound Of Music

Mary Timony: The Golden Dove

Note: Credits refer to album not song…