Ant’s Dance

Written by Mary Timony

The spider sang to me
An insect song of being free
I hate how it got messed up
We were drinking wine from my catholic cup
The ants dance in a line
To a song of endless space and time
Get the hell out of here
Now please come back I need you near
I just called you to stare
Thanks for the call to say you don’t care
I can’t just do this thing
I’ve been hypnotized by the peacock singing
The idiots do their dance
And I am stuck in a painful trance
The worst part was knowing you
And now I don’t

Mary Timony: Voice, guitar, piano, keyboards, synths
Mary Timony: Akai sampler instruments, bass, viola
Christina Files: Drums, percussion
Jeff Goddard: Bass, trumpet
Amy Domingues: Cello
Miguel Rodriguez-Urbiztondo: Percussion, drums
Pete Fitzpatrick: Euphonium
Alan Weatherhead: Akai sampler instruments, guitar, pedal steel
Andy Abrahamson: Tama drum brain
Mark Linkous: Synths, optigon

Produced by Alan Weatherhead and Mary Timony with Mark Linkous
Recorded at Q-Division and Sound Of Music
Engineered by Bruce MacFarlane and Alan Weatherhead
Mixed by Alan Weatherhead at Sound Of Music

Mary Timony: The Golden Dove

Note: Credits refer to album not song…