The Wall

Written by Lyle Collins

Two more miles to checkpoint Charlie
It seems I can hear my fraulein call
Two more miles to checkpoint Charlie
I’ve gotta get over that wall
My eyes are heavy and my legs are weary
Yet I don’t dare to make a sound
I travel by night and I sleep by day
I know what’ll happen if I’m found
It’s a long hard road from the east to the west
But I have traveled too far to fall
I’m gonna get under, around or over
To the other side of that wall
Now it’s one more mile to checkpoint Charlie
And now my heart’s beginning to pound
There’s only one way they’re ever gonna stop me
They’ll have to put me down
I see the lights of checkpoint Charlie
I’m gonna make it if I have to crawl
I’m thinking of the freedom I’m gonna enjoy
On the other side of that wall
Not so long ago there was peace in Berlin
Now I don’t know friend from foe
I’ll feel much better once again to see
The face of a G I Joe
I can see the gates of checkpoint Charlie
But I’ll have to go another way
The reds shoot at everything that moves
That’s a price I’m willing to pay
Their search light flits from a hiding place
And now the reds are on the prowl
I can’t climb over and I can’t crawl under
So I’ll have to swim the canal
Now the reds are shooting as I swim for my life
But I can hear my fraulein’s call
Now I’m safe in my fraulein’s arms
On the other side of the wall

Justin Hoffman: Accordion, organ, piano, voice
Carson Huggins: Drums, voice
David Lowery: Acoustic guitar, voice
Thomas Meinecke: Electric lap steel guitar, cornet, voice
Michaela Melian: Amplified bass, acoustic guitar, voice
Wilfried Petzi: Mandolin, trombone, voice
Mark Linkous: Banjo
Phil Woddail: Harmonica

Recorded at McCavitt
Produced by David Lowery
Engineered by John Morand

FSK: Son Of Kraut

Note: Credits refer to album not song…