Flagge Verbrennen (Regierung Ertranken)

Written by Thomas Meinecke, Justin Hoffman,
Michaela Melian, Carl Oesterhelt and Wilfried Petzi

Die flagge brennt
The flag is burning
Hell lichterloh
It’s burning beautifully, brightly
Regierung fallt
The government will be falling
Zum ultimo
At the thirty first
Hier kommt mein colt
Here comes my gun
Pflugschar als schwert
Beat the plows back into swords
Schwarz, rot und gold
Black, red and gold
Gar nichts mehr wert
Is nothing worth anything anymore?
Das parlament
The parliament, the politicians
Sturzt in des Rhein
Will be drowned in the Rhine
Am firmament
And at the horizon
Ein hoffnungsschein
A glimmer of hope
Und in die disco

Justin Hoffman: Electric guitar, organ, voice
Mark Linkous: Voice
David Lowery: Electric guitar, electric bass, voice
Thomas Meinecke: Electric guitar
Michaela Melian: Electric bass, voice
Carl Oesterhelt: Drums
Wilfried Petzi: Amplified guitar

Recorded and mixed at Turpentine Mill Recorders
Produced by David Lowery
Engineered by John Morand

FSK: The Sound Of Music