Written by Denali

Mark out anything that takes no time
Failure fails when nice is one more lie
Wait a while for me to be ready
Ready for the last snow
I stayed
I stayed
No one, no feeling through my toes
Walk on, move or I may implode
This is not called relief
At last, at last I swallow
I stayed
I stayed
I stayed
I stayed
Wait ’til rainfall to countdown
Making trouble,¬†won’t be found
I stayed
I stayed

Maura Davis: Voice, guitar
Keeley Davis: Synth
Cam DiNunzio: Guitars
Jonathan Fuller: Drums, sequencer
Mark Linkous: Midi orchestra, samples

Recorded at Sound Of Music
Produced by Mark Linkous
Engineered by Alan Weatherhead
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side

Denali: Denali