Written by Daniel Johnston

I’ll never be happy
I wish that I would
Unless you can love me
If only you could
I used to be lonely
Knock on wood
What do you think of me?
It’s understood
And now I wonder all my life
Just to get by
The tears flow like wine
And now I find
You’re so far away
And I love you
Love you
Apart from Jesus
I find no hope
I seek salvation
In a bar of soap
To wash away my sins
Before I dope
And make a new day
Say hey I can cope
I always been lonely
‘Til I met her
Making me shine
All the time
Her love was mine
And I love her
Love her
If you were just for me
That would be good
I’d be really happy
I wish that I could
I used to be lonely
Knock on wood
I wish that you’d love me
I misunderstood
I just can’t get by
You were a high
You were so lovely
I really believed
And now you’re so far away
I still love you
Love you

Daniel Johnston: Voice, piano
Mark Linkous: Synth, choir
Alan Weatherhead: Pedal steel, guitar

Produced and arranged by Mark Linkous
Engineered by Alan Weatherhead
Recorded at Sound Of Music
Mastered by John Golden at John Golden Mastering

Daniel Johnston: Fear Yourself