Mountain Top

Written by Daniel Johnston

On top of a mountain top
I stood and thought one day
I really could see a lot
And if I had my way
A lazy young sod I was
So deep in love those days
As if it was nothing was
But only love I crave
And so I didn’t know as much
Her loving touch amazed
I was so gone with love
The alphabet was a haze
So alone as she pulls away
The funeral truck I cried
I gazed the clouds away
Like a lost Christmas that day
And now I can’t seem to cope
But only hope someway
Just to see her once more
And we could be friends like way back when
It’s as if I’m already dead
And in my grave I lay
If only her love could save me now
And if somehow she’d stay

Daniel Johnston: Voice
Mark Linkous: Guitar, glockenspiel, voice
Alan Weatherhead: Guitar, bass
Melissa Moore: Violin
Miguel Rodriguez-Urbiztondo: Drums

Produced and arranged by Mark Linkous
Engineered by Alan Weatherhead
Recorded at Sound Of Music
Mastered by John Golden at John Golden Mastering

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