Graveyard Shift

Written by Bob Bortnick

The later it gets
The more I start to worry
I’m moving too slow
For someone in a hurry
The hours overtake me
Turning seconds into minutes
I’m getting triple vision
And it’s willing me to give in
It’s a hard life for everybody
Still it’s a gift
When you look at the sky
And you’re glad you’re not working
On the graveyard shift
The joke of it all
Is the darkness all around you
I can hear them laughing
‘Cause someone said they had to
Crazy how the radio’s
Suddenly so silent
Come back in the morning
As a witness to the violent
End of the world for everybody
Still it’s a gift
It could’ve been you
Could’ve ended up
On the graveyard shift
Practice at your pleasure
Time’s so hard to measure
When you’re all alone in the night
Steal the corporate papers
Read about the mad escapers
Hold them up to the light, to the light
You can see right through them
The later it gets
The more the I start to ramble
Life’s a great depression
And love is just a gamble
You take a walk in progress
See the people in the factories
I just got one question
Won’t you tell me are you attracted to this
Empty world for everybody?
Still it’s a gift
I’ve been waiting so long
For someone to pull me off
The graveyard shift
So pull me

Bob Bortnick: Voice, guitar
Mark Linkous: Guitar, voice
Don Short: Drums
Eric Williams: Voice, bass
Glen Morrow: Voice
Ed Tomney: Piano, guitar treatments

Recorded at 39th Street
Produced by Glen Morrow
Engineered by Ed Tomney
Mixed at Evergreen by Steve Kahn with Walter O’brien

Dancing Hoods: Dancing Hoods 12″ EP

Note: Credits refer to EP not song…