Strawberry Roan

Written by Angela Faye Martin

If you love that girl with the golden hair
I’ll leave on my strawberry roan
And I’ll never come down from the chestnut stairs
I’ll leave you to your all night moan
The ferryman put horses on your boat
For crossing the flood so wide
Could’ve told you it was the devil’s moat
I cried on the other side
The valves will hum and the fan blades sing
When I finally see my boy
The swallowtail hurdles the currents unseen
The golden bough will roar
Burning you into the hearts of men
I’ll spiderweb your wounds
Your spells will hypnotize their kin
And haunt all their dining rooms

Angela Faye Martin: Voice, guitar
Mark Linkous: Farfisa, pling-plong

Produced and engineered by Mark Linkous at Static King
Mastered by Ryan Laurie at REL Recording

Angela Faye Martin: Pictures From Home CD