Written by Vic Chesnutt, Mark Linkous, David Lowery, Paul Niehaus and Kurt Wagner

Listen up now ’cause he’s gonna tell you a motherfuckin’ story okay?
I always wanted to ask you how you got my name
And knew where to write
I have been praying to no one new
But you did
Why did you?
Please tell me why
Too much rain
Not enough drain
Her modesty conceals demonic capabilities and skills
And one day as she is exercising them
The adult for the first time smells something resembling sweat on the child’s body
The sweet fruitful sweat of creativeness
Too much rain
Not enough drain
We thought the gulls had carried her off
The smell of coffee
Little kid hubbub
The aunt in her ironed blue jeans
Hair done up in a scarf
Buttering toast for sunshine
Too much rain
Not enough drain

Vic Chesnutt
Mark Linkous
David Lowery
Paul Niehaus
Kurt Wagner

Recorded at John Keane Studios
Engineered by Scott Stuckey

A Loose Confederation Of Saturday City States US 7″ Single