The Weed Had Got There First

Written by Nina Persson, Niclas Frisk and Nathan Larson

For reasons that I don’t understand
I was out with a shovel in my hand
If someone seen me let me know
I must’ve been looking for sand or snow
I had a garden on my mind
Ivy was growing around my spine
I lost a needle in the hay
I’m hoping I’ll never need it anyway
I wanted to plant a little seed
To fertilize the dirt
I didn’t see the sleeping weed
The weed had got there first

Nina Persson: Voice, piano, toy piano, drum corps
Niclas Frisk: Electric and acoustic guitars, electric and acoustic pianos
Niclas Frisk: Organ, drum corps, voice
Nathan Larson: Electric and acoustic guitars, bass, keyboards, synthesizers
Nathan Larson: Tape delays, processing, drum corps, voice
Kevin March: Drums, percussion
Jon Natchez: Horns, woodwinds
Kelly Pratt: Horns, woodwinds
Joan Wasser: Violin, viola
Jane Scarpantoni: Cello
Cat Martino: Casiotone, voice
James Iha: Electric guitars
Nicolai Dunger: Voice
Anna Ternheim: Voice
Mark Linkous: Slide guitar

Produced by Nina Persson, Niclas Frisk and Nathan Larson
Recorded by Geoff Sanoff at Mission Sound, Stratosphere Sound, The Magic Shop,
Loho, The Metal Garage, Firehouse 12, Static King and Tambourine
Mixed by Alan Weatherhead at Firehouse 12
Additional engineering by Nathan Larson
Mastered by Fred Kevorkian at Kevorkian Mastering

A Camp: Colonia

Note: Credits refer to album not song…