Hard As A Stone

Written by Nina Persson and Niclas Frisk

In the morning and in the evening
When you think you’re alone
Too many hours in your apartment
Has made me hard as a stone
I’ve tried to crack you
I told you you’re the one
But you must have thought that I was gone
I told you a lotta lies just to get laid
But your heart is hard as a stone
You’re vicious
But I’m a man
I’m gonna do what I can
To remain hard as a stone
That little pigeon
Where did you find her?
I had to break her every bone
Eleven hours in your pool
No longer hard as a stone
She was delicious
Yet I’m the star
If you wanna be what you are
You’ve gotta be hard as a stone
Hard as a stone
Ha ha ha hard as a stone
You’re mean
But I’m a man
It’s not exactly what I planned
But it seems I’m hard as a stone
I’m hard as as stone
See we’re hard as a stone

Nina Persson: Voice
Kevin March: Drums, percussion
Nathan Larson: Bass, voice
Clayton Doley: Wurlitzer
Andrew Innes: Alto sax, tenor sax
David Knowles: Trumpet
Mark Linkous: Baritone guitar
Niclas Frisk: Piano

Produced by Mark Linkous
Executive producer: Nina Persson
Recorded at Silence, Europa, EMI, Bearsville, Sound Of Music and Water Music
Engineered by Alan Weatherhead and Pontus Olsson
Assisted by Geoff Sanoff and Damien
Mixed by Mark Linkous, Alan Weatherhead and Nina Persson
Mastered by Bjorn Engelmann at Cutting Room

A Camp: A Camp CD