Written by Nina Persson and Mark Linkous

I caught you smiling
With pointed teeth
What once was beautiful
Has turned bitter and cheap
So now there’s nothing I can do for you
But leave your roses out to die
I misbehaved
I’m in your way
I’m in your way like an elephant
Gentle smiling
With pointed teeth
Now there’s a war between
My high hopes and me
So this is how you put an end to things
By cutting throats with a smile
I misbehaved
I’m in your way
In your way like an elephant
But in the corner of my mind
A little angel saying
DonĀ“t waste your love
You love too much

Nina Persson: Voice, magic genie bass pedals
Miguel Rodriguez-Urbiztondo: Drums
Alan Weatherhead: Bass, lap steel, guitar
Mark Linkous: Magic genie organ, samples, guitar
Nathan Larson: Piano

Produced by Mark Linkous
Executive producer: Nina Persson
Recorded at Silence, Europa, EMI, Bearsville, Sound Of Music and Water Music
Engineered by Alan Weatherhead and Pontus Olsson
Assisted by Geoff Sanoff and Damien
Mixed by Mark Linkous, Alan Weatherhead and Nina Persson
Mastered by Bjorn Engelmann at Cutting Room

A Camp: A Camp CD