happy birthday gloria hughes-thacker

Sparkle On would like to wish Mark’s mom, Gloria Hughes-Thacker, a very Happy Birthday!! Gloria, we hope that no dog eats your birthday cake today…


5 thoughts on “happy birthday gloria hughes-thacker

  1. Thank you! ~~~~I don’t know the reason for Mark’s birthday cake lyrics but I did send him a big box of home made fudge for Christmas one year & his dog Hank ate all of it when Mark left the room to get his cigarettes!

  2. Your son will always be a part of my life. He was / is brilliant. Can I pick a few favorite bands of all time? Easy… Sparklehorse, Pixies, and Pavement. By the way, Mark and I were born nine days apart. My nephews in San Francisco adore his music. The upshot is that his music will be loved for generations to come. Promise

  3. Its funny cuz I thinked its a poetic invention, and now we can know the cake was really bittened by the dog, reality outdoes fiction once.
    Im very glad reading mum of Mark, its truly amazing… thank to the supports of this site,


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