Swifts And Swallows

Written and performed in memory of Mark by Angela Faye Martin…

Irwin street
End of winter
You shoved away
Boot sole and cinder
We kicked the campfire
We walked the mountain down
We got the call
You took your guns to town
You shoved away
All soot and boot sole today
Said you were okay
Isn’t that what we’re supposed to say?
You said that you were okay
But not today
Let’s lay a track down and we’ll go see Tom
Here comes a girl singer
But I like the song
I’ll make the coffee
If you take the clip out
You say you’re sorry
Let’s take the bike out
Swifts and swallows arrive on hall of fame
We’re met by tribes of birds who say
Things are not to ever be the same
Since the branches spelled your name
Across the sky

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