Waiting For The Jets…

Scheduled for release in October 2001, Piano Fire was intended to be the second single from It’s A Wonderful Life. But following many delays, the single was eventually cancelled altogether. This was possibly due to concerns over the “waiting for the jets” lyric in the wake of the 9:11 attacks. Nothing more was heard until 2008 when Dan Estabrook posted art intended for the unreleased EP on his website. And now more than ten years after its planned release we are pleased to present a recreation of the EP as originally intended. Save that is for one mysterious track entitled We’re Sorry.


01 Piano Fire (Single Version)

01 Piano Fire (Single Version)

Remix and additional production by Brazilian record producer and studio engineer Mario Caldato Jr. Never officially released.

02 Piano Fire (Album Version)

03 Shade And Honey (2001 Mix)

03 Shade And Honey (2001 Mix)

This is the original 2001 mix only officially available on a limited edition 7″ single (DIW #44) given away with issue 3.3 of Devil In The Woods magazine. The song was subtly remixed for inclusion on Dreamt For Light Years in 2006.

04 We’re Sorry

05 Morning Hollow (Live XFM Version)

05 Morning Hollow (Live XFM Version)

Beautiful version recorded live to tape at XFM’s London studios. Mark is accompanied here by his 2001 touring band: Scott Minor, Alan Weatherhead, Margaret White and  Kendall Meade. Never officially released.


Photography and design by: Dan Estabrook

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