sage francis – “love the lie”

Today’s featured video is from Sage Francis, from the “Li(f)e” record. Mark wrote the music for this and it is one of the last songs he completed. From a Q & A with the artist, SF had these remarks about him:

One of your collaborators on this album was the late Mark Linkous of Sparklehorse. Can you talk about how (or if) you guys met and your experiences working with him?

Even though I had limited interactions with Mark, when he passed away I was obviously shocked and saddened. He was actually the first person I worked demos out with and those original demos were essential in getting the rest of the album made. Andy Kaulkin (the president of Epitaph/Anti-) was close to Mark and he’s the one who put us in touch with one another. Mark was really nice and helpful throughout the whole process. I never got to meet him in person but I’m a fan of his work and I’m honored that we got to do a couple songs together. I didn’t really know how to address his passing when it happened. I still don’t I guess.